Chewing Gum Revolution with a machine called GumJet

A team of students from London’s Royal College of Art and Imperial College has come up with a new innovation in 3D printing. It has been dubbed, GumJet, a chewing gum printer. They have truly revolutionized chewing gum, because for the first time in over half a century, it is possible to change the taste, smell, texture, and shape of the chewing gum.

The printer is able to change the textures of the gum and print the gum in any shapes, sizes, and designs they want. While the specifics of GUMLAB’s GumJet printer are still unavailable to the public because it is currently awaiting patents, there are some things we do know.

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The GumJet printer uses a specialized filament, and like all 3D printers, it prints layer by layer. The printer lays on flavored gum resin in the specified pattern on a layer-by-layer basis which allows them to alter the shapes on demand. Since the team is waiting on patents and searching for more funding, it may take a while before the filaments are available to the public.

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Gumlab, the creator of GumJet

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Designer Lisa Krause and Sandra Alonso tasting the 3D printed chewing gum at the studio

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Oct. 22, 2021