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Print Your Fetus!

After giving birth, people will ask you if you remember when you saw your baby for the first time. If you are like most people, you will probably remember when you saw him or her for the first time, but the real question is whether you remember what your little bundle of joy looked like. Most people don’t, but with your very own 3-d printed fetus from 3-D Babies, you can share that moment with everyone, with even more clarity than a simple ultrasound image.

Solar Bytes Pavilion

The idea of using 3D printing techniques merged with photovoltaic cells gave birth to the Solar Bytes Pavilion. The project proposes an experimental structure that charges photovoltaic cells during the day and lights up at night to provide a fun recreational area for pedestrians.

3D Printed Hummus

The world of 3D food printing is rapidly growing, and as such, we have decided to share the secret to printing hummus in 3D. Firstly, you will need to gather your tools. You will need a 3D printer that uses syringes and containers, food coloring, a spoon, a fork, and your hummus. For this example, the creator, Luis Fraguada uses a homemade 3D printer with Delta Extruders that he calls Pinya.